Ashlynn Chand

Hi, I’m Ashlynn Chand, a freelance writer based in Tkaronto/Toronto. I am also the Arts Editor at This Magazine.I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology from the University of Alberta. I have written for Ricochet Media, The TorontoStar, The Tyee, Jacobin, This Magazine, and more. I was the 2022 Labour Reporting Intern at PressProgress, where I covered sex work in Canada. I also interviewed and wrote stories for AfterMeToo, a resource created for victims of workplace sexual harassment. I worked as a community journalist for Rat Creek Press, where I wrote stories about North Edmonton. I got my start in student journalism as the 2019-2020 Arts and Culture Editor at The Gateway.I’m passionate about womens' issues, labour rights and racial justice. I’m always willing to challenge myself and always willing to deep dive into a new topic.I am currently completing a MA in Development Studies at York University, studying sexual violence in Asia.

Selected Writing

Migrant workers: The invisible victims of Alberta’s housing crisis. RicochetMedia
Young, racialized, female and powerless: Front-line fast-food workers have taken the brunt of bad behaviour during the pandemic and it’s affecting their mental health. TorontoStarWard councillors share priorities. Rat Creek PressHow Amazon Beat the Union in Alberta. Jacobin / Ricochet MediaSex Workers Say Canada’s Sex Work Law is Unsafe and Unconstitutional. Here’s Why They Want It Repealed. PressProgressSex Workers in Western Canada Say Their Health and Safety is Being Undermined by Right-Wing Religious Groups. PressProgressRules Created By Online Platforms are Leaving Digital Sex Workers Vulnerable to Exploitation. PressProgress‘Anti-Trafficking’ Measures Are Unfairly Targeting Migrant Sex Workers, Advocates Say. The MapleMontreal trans activist was a key organizer of a recent protest at McGill. Xtra MagazinePretty Privilege at Work. The WalrusEarthquakes Highlight Need For Better Refugee Crisis Preparedness, Immigration Lawyers Warn. The MapleARTS
Leela Gilday returns to the music scene with new album.
The Gateway.
The politics of racialized bimbos on screen. LooseLips MagazineThe Soil Between Plants: BIPOC collective makes space for grief, healing and affirmation. Galleries WestRiaz Mehmood: A diasporic love song for Pashtun people.Galleries WestKnow Thyself as a Virtual Reality.Galleries WestOPINION/PERSONAL ESSAY
Erased Capital City Press
Why I’m Not Leaving Alberta. The TyeeSCHOLARLY
Review: Herstories on Screen: Feminist Subversions of Frontier Myths, Kathleen Cummins (2020) Film Matters Magazine


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